Cambridge Desi Dhaba
Cambridge Desi Dhaba

We serving Lunch Buffet 11.30AM to 3.30PM every day

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Fast Indian restaurant food delivery in Cambridge

Desi dhaba in Cambridge has the most exciting, diverse menu and Indian restaurant delivery in Cambridge ma. You can’t probably find its cuisine style anywhere, an exemplary version of it. For Indian Restaurant delivery Cambridge would be a hotspot for Indian food. But Desi Dhaba cuisine full of options to fast casual inspired, "modern" Indian food, or standard curry house. IF you are looking for Indian restaurant delivery in Cambridge order from Desi dhaba as they are focused on packing flavor into every single dish like gingery chicken, meaty curries, goat biryani, and tender tandoori vegetables. Also vegetarians can look forward to their dishes one of the best in town. Order with discounts all year round , we are busy all time all seasons.

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Enjoy our delicious menu and feel the freshness of the food. Our chefs curate every platter keeping the senses of sight, taste in mind.

Dinner & Drinks

Inviting you to experience the finest delicacies at our wine & dine restaurant we let you celebrate the happiest day of your life.

Delivery and Catering

Be it weekdays or weekend fun, we cater delectable delicacies at your door. Our catering menu deserves sheer mentioning.