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Desi Dhaba Indian Catering Cambridge

Welcome to Desi Dhaba Indian Catering Cambridge, we would like to Introduce you to our different types of Indian Food. See there are many different styles of Indian cooking. When choosing an Indian Catering, be sure to ask us as to what style of Indian cooking your prefer. We can help you easily break down Indian cooking techniques into different regional styles, you're likely to find two distinctions: Northern Indian vs. Southern Indian, We specialize in both

North Indian Catering Cuisine

Complete spice mixes, dairy products, and tandoori-oven baked dishes are the hallmarks of North Indian cooking. North Indian Catering will have array of oven-baked breads, including naan, roti, and paratha. There is also a heavy Persian influence in our Northern Indian food, and the spiciness of many dishes is tempered by a liberal use of butter, cream, and ghee.

South Indian Catering Cuisine

Spicy, vegetarian dishes are much more the focus of Southern Indian cooking. South Indian Dishes from this region are less likely to use butter or milk, but more likely to feature coconut.

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Enjoy our delicious menu and feel the freshness of the food. Our chefs curate every platter keeping the senses of sight, taste in mind.

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Inviting you to experience the finest delicacies at our wine & dine restaurant we let you celebrate the happiest day of your life.

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Be it weekdays or weekend fun, we cater delectable delicacies at your door. Our catering menu deserves sheer mentioning.